Ombre Black
Ombre Black
Ombre Black
iPhone 5/5S Hard Shell Case
Ombre Black
iPhone 5/5S Hard Shell Case
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iPhone 5/5S

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    Featuring a rich fade from black to creamy gray, with a subtle slate blues in the fade. From a photo taken by the artist of the reflection of sunset over the water. 

    One-piece, hard, slim case. This impact resistant hard shell case features an extremely thin profile, made of plastic. The lay-flat feature protects the front of your iPhone by extending the bezel above the screen, while a slim silicone interior liner wall provides impact cushioning.

  • + Product Info
    Please follow this application process to ensure a proper fit:
- Slide the side with the volume control buttons in first. 

    - Snap the other side of the case in place. 

    - Place the phone on a flat surface, case side down, and press with both thumbs on the bottom right corner, then press on the top right corner.

    This is a Casemate Barely There slim design (click to see full description)

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